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About Funzionano

Funzionano Team
(Photo: Siri Krohn-Fagervoll)

Funzionano AS is developing hybrid nanoparticles or chemical «building blocks» which can be tailored to improve material properties like flame retardancy, hydrophobicity and gas barrier efficiency.

FunzioNano® is a generic technology platform developed through research at SINTEF over a period of 13 years (2002-2015), during which MNOK 80 was been spent on FunzioNano® product R&D.

Funzionano AS was founded in 2015 to commercialise the technology developed at SINTEF, and the company is now developing the production of functional nanotechnology-based hybrid polymers with proven, customised material-enhancing properties.

Funzionano® is a class of highly branched nano sized polymers, which can act as an «additive» to a number of raw materials to give the final product new or enhanced properties. They are shown to act as flame-inhibitors, and are able to replace heavy metal-based flame retardants in for example flooring materials and woody building materials, resulting in more environmentally friendly products. Funzionano technology can also be used to attribute new properties to plastics such as PET by improving the gas barrier, and to increase the water repellent properties in concrete filler products.

The technology platform is protected by a series of patents and possesses a full seven (7) different patent families. The goal of Funzionano AS is to develop innovative, environmentally friendly technology that can help drive sustainable growth. The patented technology has also been used by Jotun in the Drygolin Extreme paint products, which led to reduced use of solvents and improved paint product properties.

Funzionano AS is currently located at Herøya in Porsgrunn, Norway with a core team consisting of highly skilled chemists.

The word funzionano is Italian and means «It works».

Our vision:


Meet our team

Dr. Morten Eikenes


Petter Pettersen

Business Development Manager

Dr. Matthew Read

Principal Scientist

Tonje Haagensen

Laboratory Engineer

Samer Sahli

Laboratory Engineer

How we work and what can we deliver

We are uniquely positioned to collaborate closely with customers to customize our hybrid silicon structures to achieve compatibility with their systems while attributing flame retardant properties, improved hydrophobicity and/or gas barrier properties. Our technology allows us to make a wide range of different POSS materials, which can be custom-made to fulfil customer needs and requirements.

We can deliver a silicon core with organic surface functionality, which gives a material completely compatible with customer products. This forms a unique method to deliver silicon to your system. We can supply material for solvent free, water based and solvent based applications alike, enabling us to support the full spectrum of customer requirements from decorative paint to PVC plastics.

Our investors

Funzionano has solid investors and support from both private equity and public funding through Sintef, Investinor, Skagerak Maturo, Kongsberg Innovasjon and Innovation Norway.


New Reactor

New Reactor

A lot of interesting projects coming up, especially within making more environmentally friendly solutions for flame retardants in plastic.

Petter Pettersen

Funzionano AS appoints Business Development Manager

Pettersen joins Funzionano from Norwegian company MPI AS which is world leading in underwater robots for the fish farming industry. Prior to MPI, Pettersen held senior sales and business development…