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Privacy and terms

We want to make you aware that we are following all guidelines for treatment of customer information so that you can feel safe when you visit our websites.

The privacy policy shall protect you against misuse of personal information. The treatment of personal information is regulated in the Norwegian act of personal information (personopplysningsloven). This law is set to protect your privacy, personal integrity and make sure that the quality of personal information is up to standard. For more information about privacy, please see Datatilsynet.

What do we register at our websites

We use the statistical tool Google Analytics to calculate the number of users and traffic at our websites so that we can develop and improve through understanding how it is used. IP- addresses is anonymized before they are sent to Google Analytics, so they can not be connected to a single user. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic information in an anonymized form. The information says something about how visitors use the website, for example:

  • The number of views.
  • The number of visits.
  • How they entered the website.
  • Information about browser.

The traffic information is stored at Google Inc. IP- adresses is stored in an anonymized form and can not be traced back to you as a user.

We have activated the additional function “Demography and interest reports” in Google Analytics. You can reserve yourself against this by changing your Google ads settings. There you can also update your personal information. By using this website you approve that Google treats information about you and for the purpose described above.


Most websites today uses cookies to give a better user experience.
A cookie is a text file that, when you visit a website, is stored in your browser’s memory. We use cookies to enhance your user experience and collect user statistics through standard tools to make the website experience better for you as a user. No personal information is collected or stored.

By using this website, you agree that we can put cookies in your browser.
Most modern browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. You can choose to change your settings so that cookies are not accepted. We can not guarantee that this website will function optimally if you turn off this functionality.


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