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Hybrid Polymer Technology


Flame retardancy

Our primary focus area is flame retardancy for a broad range of application including plastics and timber. Our Polyhedral Oligomeric SilSesquioxane (POSS) based technology has been tested and proven to have highly effective flame-retardant properties when added to commodity products, such as plastics.


Our secondary focus area is hydrophobicity. When adding FunzioNano® to a variety of materials, our nanostructures have shown an outstanding ability to increase the hydrophobicity in the products to which it is added/applied.

Gas barrier

Our third focus area is adding gas barrier functionality to products. By adding FunzioNano® to emulsions and compounds we can improve the gas barrier properties in products. Our products effectively improve the gas barrier of PET bottles, while keeping the additive layer sufficiently thin to be washed off, maintaining recyclability.