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PVC Flame Retardant


D-PYRE™ is a new environmentally friendly, non toxic, POSS based flame retardant developed specifically for plasticized PVC that Funzionano launched in the beginning of 2020.

The technology behind D-PYRE™ was developed over more than 15 years at SINTEF, the main Norwegian research institution.

About Funzionano

Funzionano Team
(Photo: Siri Krohn-Fagervoll)

Funzionano AS is developing hybrid nanoparticles or chemical «building blocks» which can be tailored to improve material properties like flame retardancy, hydrophobicity and gas barrier efficiency.

FunzioNano® is a generic technology platform developed through research at SINTEF over a period of 13 years (2002-2015), during which MNOK 80 was been spent on FunzioNano® product R&D.

Funzionano AS was founded in 2015 to commercialise the technology developed at SINTEF, and the company is now developing the production of functional nanotechnology-based hybrid polymers with proven, customised material-enhancing properties.

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